We Are Grown (2015)

Shot entirely in one day, "We Are Grown" for Meet Me in Orbit was a challenge of immense, anxiety-inducing proportions. Of course, it was compounded by the fact that we changed our location at the last minute, (from a dingy warehouse to the lush outdoor setting seen in the final product) had to figure out our special effects on the fly, (many of which needed to be done in one take as they involved destroying our props and set) and had to learn how to use a Sony NEX-FS700R the night before the shoot (it was a rental, which essentially dictated our single-day production schedule). Fortunately, when the morning arrived and the camera started rolling, everything went smoother than I could have possibly imagined. A huge testament to our cast and crew, as this film would have never been completed without their consummate dedication and resourcefulness.

Music Video
Song by: Meet Me in Orbit
Directed and Edited by: Brendan Cleak and Caryn Sandoval
Starring: Rosemary Scalabreezy and CJ Bews
Props and Effects: Ashley Martin, Rachel Navarro and Bear Bews
Additional Props and Effects: Trevor Cleak and Melissa Tamarago
Special Thanks: Sky Council Recordings, Dan Bews, Tammy Bews and Geoff Cleak