New Website by Brendan Cleak

Well.. that took a lot longer than a I initially hoped it would. But after months of work, my new website is finally ready to launch, and will be live sometime in the next 24 hours.

Huge thanks to

Brandon Bews

 for helping me code my new template. Without him, the new site would not exist.

A New Adventure Awaits by Brendan Cleak

You might not hear much from me in the next few weeks. A challenging, inspiring, anxiety-inducing and ultimately wonderful opportunity has presented itself; one that will require nearly all of my attention while simultaneously draining all of my energy. I am also currently putting the final touches on my new website, which will hopefully be ready to launch shortly after.

I am projecting myself into the dark, for the moment.

Abandoned Military Hospital by Brendan Cleak

Angel Island, San Francisco Bay, California

Known as “Fort McDowell” during WWII, the facilities on Angel Island were initially used as an immigration station, and then eventually a detention center for potential fifth columnists and prisoners of war. In 1947 its military post was decommissioned, and in 1962 the Army finally left the island. The remains still exist today, including a former barracks, missile silo and military hospital.

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